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Project Hope Podcast

May 12, 2021

Megan and Dom Benninger speak about their religious backgrounds and their journeys together through a religious cult, a charismatic nondenominational church, and a Southern Baptist church that all exhibited signs of spiritual abuse. As survivors, they have dedicated their lives to preventing spiritual abuse in institutional settings and serving others who have also been abused under the guise of Christianity. They hope to provide a safe place for victims of spiritual abuse to share their stories without judgement. They want to identify spiritually abusive wolves within organized religion, to protect others from harm. To find out more about this part of their mission, go to They want to help others identify the signs and symptoms of spiritual abuse through their written works and educational resources, as well as through speaking engagements. Megan and Dominique shared their story with the USA Today, which was published online on February 13, 2020. The article, along w Megan & Dom’s writings can be found on their website at

To view writings about Oakwood and the letters Megan referred to in the podcast:

To view Dom’s Narrowgate blog:

To visit Megan and Dom’s website Baptist Accountability:

USA Today featuring Megan and Dom’s story:

Rachel Denhollander quote & website:

“A review of protestant insurance companies found MORE reports of clergy sexual abuse than a review of Catholic insurance companies, even though Catholics actually keep better track. 
And those predators are often being shielded by more pastors.
This isn't a few random wolves.”

Other people Megan and Dom mentioned:
Jimmy Hinton:

Christa Brown: & Stop Baptist Predators:

Ashley Easter:

Jennifer is a mental health counselor located in the Los Angeles area, using Internal Family Systems (IFS) as the primary modality of psychotherapy that she uses with clients. Jennifer will graduate with her second Masters degree in 2021 in the Psychology of Coercive Control. She works both across the US and internationally with those seeking insight and healing. For more information, please visit her website,

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